Resume Swarm Beta Launch

By ResumeSwarm on August 17, 2013 - 0 Comments
Resume Swarm in now in beta and anyone can sign up and test out our site. We need lots of feedback from users so we can make our site better and easier to user. Sign up and let us know what you think, its free.

Resume Swarm is an online resume hosting website. Users sign up and get their very own resume link so they can access their resume from anywhere. The resume link is easy to remember because its simply This link will bring users to a PDF view of their resume which they can download or print. When logged into the site, users can customize and edit their resume to their own liking with our resume editor.

Cover letters are also important and go along with resumes. Users can create cover letters and edit them with our cover letter editor. It is easy to use and users can create unlimited cover letters. Each cover letter can be viewed as a PDF for easy printing and downloading.

Depending on the account type of a user, Employee or Employer, the user can search for either jobs, or employees. Employee account can then apply for those jobs and their resume and cover letter they have selected will be sent to the employers account for the employer to review. Likewise an employer account can search for employees and send them job listings if they think the employee might be a good fit for a position.

Overall, the goal of our site is to make managing your resume easy. With your resume link, you will always have your resume in PDF format wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. Resume Swarm also has a mobile web app so you can manage your resume from any mobile device with ease. So, sign up and check us out. The best part is its free!


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